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If for any reason you are unable to see this video please follow these instructions:

  1. Once you open The Organic Toothbrush box, you will find that both the toothbrushes and their enclosing cases are individually vacuum-packed for freshness. Only remove the vacuum-sealed packaging from the toothbrushes when you are ready to begin brushing
  2. Dip one end of The Organic Toothbrush into water to soften it.
    TIP: do not leave the brush dipped in water for more than 30 seconds
  3. Trim or chew the outer layer of the toothbrush’s bark, no more than ½ inch.
    PLEASE NOTE: the initial chewing-off of the bark may have an unusual taste – this is normal and is not harmful and will disappear when you start brushing properly. The strong taste is a good indicator that the toothbrushes are fresh – after all they are Organic!
  4. After removing the outer-layer with your teeth (which is a bit like peeling a potato with your teeth) dispose of the wooden “bits” from the bark and then continue chewing until you feel hard bristles
  5. Gently chew the hard bristles until they soften to form bristles, similar to the bristles of a new conventional toothbrush. If the bristles fail to soften quickly simply dip the chewing-end in water to help soften the bristles further until you feel you are ready to begin brushing
  6. Brush teeth SOFTLY in a circular motion.
    PLEASE NOTE: aggressive brushing may lead to gum damage as with any conventional toothbrush so take care when using The Organic Toothbrush for the first time
  7. Continue brushing for at least 3 minutes to ensure you brush all teeth comprehensively. It is possible to brush your teeth after after meal since the nutrients cause no harm to your teeth (unlike chemicals)
  8. Place the toothbrush back inside the plastic case and store in a dry place free of germs and away from bathroom sinks and toilets
  9. Fresh bristles should only be used for 24 hours to achieve healthier, whiter teeth and improved oral hygiene. After 24 hours cut The Organic Toothbrush by½ inch safely using a knife or scissors
  10. And remember: NO MORE TOOTHPASTE NEEDED ! ! !
    To see maximum results please DO NOT use toothpaste or mouthwash and let Mother Nature’s gift do the hard work!
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CAUTION: Safety Guidelines for Using The Organic Toothbrush

The Organic Toothbrush is a twig which means the outer layer and the bristles inside may be hard to begin with. Aggressive brushing will not lead to desired results and could cause further damage. Please ensure bristles are soft enough for gentle brushing. If you are unable to soften the bristles, we recommend using Rose Water if normal water isn’t making the bristles soft enough. However, you shouldn’t even have to use any water once the bark has been chewed on for long enough (usually 30-60 seconds).

Do NOT store The Organic Toothbrush without the Holder and avoid storing The Organic Toothbrush and Holder near sinks and toilets to avoid germs.

If you have any questions regarding our product or how to use it then please contact us or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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