Professional Endorsement


Please find below a list of statements from fully qualified UK-based Dental Professionals who have reviewed The Organic Toothbrush and recommend its use. Many of the Dental Practitioners mentioned have a wealth of professional experience since they advise thousands of patients each year either privately or through the NHS.

“The Organic Toothbrush is a form of miswak which has been tried and tested over centuries, especially in areas such as the Middle-East, North Africa and South Asia. As a professional dentist I have a duty to ensure that my NHS clients are safe at all times. The miswak is perfectly safe to use as instructed by The Organic Toothbrush company. In fact, compared to other dental products I have recommended to clients The Organic Toothbrush is surprisingly more effective than modern technology when it comes to reducing plaque and improving oral hygiene. Many people who have used the samples kindly sent to us by The Organic Toothbrush actually had whiter teeth after a few days. This a fantastic natural remedy for those of us who prefer not use chemically-enhanced dental products or electrical toothbrushes. There are a number of studies out there to confirm the use of the miswak is a suitable if not better alternative to conventional brushing methods. This brand definitely has my full support and it is great to see people using natural products within dental care! It is also very handy that no toothpaste is required making the item portable with the convenient holder case!”

Maxillofacial Dentist – NHS
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

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