From the Root

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From the Root to the Root………

“From the roots of a tree to the roots in your mouth”

The Organic Toothbrush is a Miswak and comes from the roots of the Salvadora Persica tree. Miswak is arguably one of the oldest toothbrushes and has been used by different cultures over hundreds of years. It is convenient even for today’s consumer because it inherits health benefits, is portable and is completely organic.

All of our Organic Toothbrushes are grown from the Salvadora Persica tree’s roots where they are hand-selected for premium quality, vacuum-packed into environmentally-friendly Organic Toothbrush Holders. These Holders are also vacuum-sealed before being placed into their neatly hand-packed boxes which are then made available to you through our webstore or Amazon.

The Organic Toothbrush Story

The Organic Toothbrush is a special twig which is cut from the tree’s roots. Miswaks can also be produced from branches but studies have shown much higher humidity in Miswaks cut from the root which means they are much longer-lasting and have much greater benefits than those from branches of a tree.

No preservatives are used to keep the product 100% organic and each box has a shelf life of 1 MONTH when the vacuum-packed toothbrushes are removed from their packaging. If The Organic Toothbrush has not been removed from its vacuum packaging then it is safe to use within 12 months of being produced. Each box will have an expiry date by which the toothbrushes should be consumed. If you are unsure on the expiry date or need further assistance then please feel free to contact us at

Our Organic Toothbrushes are grown in Pakistan’s Sindh province in deserts which can be as hot as 53 Degrees Celcius, and that’s in the shade! One of the very few advantages of this lethal climate is the fact that these conditions are perfect for the Salvadora Persica tree to grow strong roots due to healthy soil, in turn, producing fantastic Organic Toothbrushes. The Salvadora Persica can be described as a tree or scrub and is usually 1 metre in diameter with a height of around 3 metres. The soil of our trees grown in this area of Pakistan are very rich producing what we believe are the world’s best Miswaks and our very own Organic Toothbrushes.

Some trees such as Lime, Orange or Senna trees, in certain climates, can produce natural toothbrushes but the Salvadora Persica is the only tree which has a track-record in consistently producing healthy Miswaks.

Who knew a place so dry could be filled with such richness?

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