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How long will it take for my teeth to show results?

  • Everyone has different teeth! Results may be seen from as little as two days but we recommend comparing your teeth before using The Organic Toothbrush for the first time to how they look AFTER finishing the second Organic Toothbrush from the twin-pack. A few snaps from your smartphone should do the trick!

Do I need to use toothpaste in conjunction with this product?

  • NO – the great benefit of The Organic Toothbrush is the fact that NO toothpaste is required. It naturally contains ingredients often found in toothpaste and teeth-whitening products which you will find listed on our website page entitled “Natural Ingredients”

How long will one Organic Toothbrush last once the bark has been cut?

  • 12 days per Organic Toothbrush, 24 days per box. Each Miswak is approximately 6 inches long. We recommend trimming the bark by 1⁄2 inch per day. This will give you approximately 12 days worth of cleaning. Remember you can clean your teeth several times a day without the bristles losing their goodness. We recommend brushing after each meal for maximum results

What is the shelf-life of The Organic Toothbrush?

  • 1 month once opened from the vacuum-sealed packaging. If The Organic Toothbrush is still vacuum-sealed then you have 12 months from when the toothbrush was produced and vacuum-packed to consume the product. The expiry date will be on the packaging so please refer to this date.
  • If you are using the toothbrush after several days simply dip the end with the bristles into water for no longer than a minute before reusing to restore moisture to the toothbrush

What is the expiry date of The Organic Toothbrush?

  • Same as point above

How do I detect if The Organic Toothbrush has lost freshness?

  • Two Organic Toothbrushes contained in the same box may have slightly different colours but this does not mean one is fresher than the other. Please do not use a toothbrush which has been removed of its vacuum seal for more than one month. If still sealed, use the expiration date on the box as a guideline

Chewing the bark is unpleasant, is this normal?

  • Yes, and it is not harmful at all. If you prefer not to chew the bark then simply cut the bark to reveal the hard bristles below which will soften when the chewing process begins or when dipped in water. This strong fresh taste is a good sign of a healthy bark. It is the outer layer of the bark itself which keeps the natural goodness inside the toothbrush secure

My Organic Toothbrush or packaging appears to be damaged, what should I do?

  • Please use the contact us page and we will aim to address your problem within 24 hours

My box has two Organic Toothbrushes that are different colours. Is one fresher than the other? One is also slightly thinner!

  • No – both Miswaks have been produced at the same time and colour does vary from toothbrush to toothbrush. Freshness is only affected by the date of production and the vacuum-seal.
  • Please do not use a toothbrush which has been removed of its vacuum seal for more than one month. If still sealed, use the expiration date on the box as a guideline. In terms of thickness, as long as bristles are able to form there is no disadvantage with a thinner Organic Toothbrush

I am noticing small wooden bits/bristles in my mouth, is this normal?

  • Yes – this is part of the process but if you notice too many “bits” even when bristles have formed we recommend you increase the length of the bristles by chewing a centimetre extra. It could be the bristles are too short so they are catching your teeth or it could be you have a wire or brace that is catching the bristles

It can take me 5-6 minutes brushing my teeth using The Organic Toothbrush. Is this dangerous?

  • No, you can brush your teeth as long and as often as you like with The Organic Toothbrush. We actually recommend brushing after each meal. However, the key is to always brush your teeth gently. Aggressive brushing, like any other toothbrush in the world, will cause more harm than good to your teeth and gums


I have a fixed retainer or dental wire in the back of my teeth, is it safe for me to use The Organic Toothbrush?

  • Yes, but please remember to be extra-gentle when brushing the retainer/wire

I have Invisalign (or a similar plastic teeth-straightening device), can I use this product?

  • Yes, of course. Since your teeth will be covered most of the time you will likely see whiter teeth quicker with Invisalign because your teeth are already protected when drinking fizzy/soft drinks, tea and coffee

I have a fixed brace, is it safe for me to use The Organic Toothbrush?

  • Yes, you may brush your teeth as normal with a fixed brace but please do so with extra care. Dip the brushing end in rose water to create the softest possible bristles or use normal water if rose water is not an option. Please brush gently and avoid using hard bristles. Just like any other toothbrush, please do not brush against your brace aggressively and consult with a Dentist if you are uncertain on what toothbrush to use.
  • A dentist who has recently endorsed our product, Dr. Sadia Anwar, had braces herself and had used Miswak sticks for years but with caution. Dr. Anwar also tested The Organic Toothbrush with her own patients who had braces and strongly advised against using hard bristles.
  • Soft bristles dipped in rose water are perfectly safe to use and can actually help target areas surrounding the brace which are hard to reach


What advice can you give when drinking fluids?

  • Always use a straw when possible regardless of whether you brush your teeth using The Organic Toothbrush or a conventional toothbrush to avoid sugar and acids from staining or damaging your teeth

Can I drink fizzy/soft drinks when using The Organic Toothbrush?

  • Yes, of course, but for best results we recommend using a straw. The Organic Toothbrush is a replacement for conventional toothbrushes so please continue life as normal and let the twig work its magic in the background!

Can I drink hot drinks such as tea/coffee when using The Organic Toothbrush?

  • Yes – The Organic Toothbrush is actually very effective at cleaning coffee stains. One of our kind customers on Amazon, who are verified purchasers of the product, mentioned this in her 5-star review
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When should I store The Organic Toothbrush inside the Holder?

  • Always – this is a must! The specially designed Holder has a hole on the lid to make the case breathable for the Miswak inside. Just enough air will be let into the Holder case to keep the toothbrushes in good condition.
  • The Holder case also makes the toothbrush portable and allows protection from germs so please always remember to put the Organic Toothbrush back into the Holder. Each toothbrush will have its own Holder case unlike the vast majority of Miswaks found elsewhere
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